Reverse Osmosis Desalinators (Watermakers)

For more than 30 years, H2O has engineered, manufactured and serviced watermakers exclusively for the oil and gas market. As a result we have developed a multitude of advantages and continuously improved the design of our systems year after year. The result, H2O manufacturers the most reliable, most cost effective watermaker on the market. We offer onsite service for everything we sell. Our technicians have all safety certifications and training required to work offshore and H2O maintains a substantial marine liability insurance policy.
H2O Watermaker Innovations:
The power behind the RO process. Here H2O uses Grundfos axial piston pumps as a standard. This pump requires no regular maintenance and is completely water lubricated so it requires no oil. We offer the option of a heavy duty triplex pump which is a workhorse of the O&G industry. To this we add duplex stainless steel fluid ends machined from a single piece of billet stock to eliminate corrosion. H2O has also developed special oversized valves and custom seat materials to ensure long and trouble free service life. We feel so strongly that the H2O triplex pump is the finest on the market we back it with a 20 year fluid end warranty.
Materials of Construction
Over many years of building watermakers for continuous operation we have been able to determine the wear points. Seawater at high pressures can be a very difficult product to transfer. H2O has developed specialized means of combating this aggressive fluid with materials that are able to function reliably for long periods.
Automated Backwashing
In the past backwashing pre-filtration tanks required constant operator intervention. H2O Inc.'s SSH line of RO systems includes a fully PLC controlled automatic backwashing system that requires no operator involvement.
Proper pre-treatment is necessary for adequate membrane performance and life. Pre-treatment is also the number one cost associated with operating an RO system. H2O offers optional multimedia filters and bag filters throughout our product line to reduce the cost of consumable pre-filters. Our experience has allowed us to design our equipment to strike the optimum balance of capital expenditure versus operating expenses resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership and the best value on the market.
Low Filter Costs
H2O uses standard filter sizes in our equipment. This allows us to get our filters from many sources ensuring constant availability and allows us to get the very best price. Many manufacturers use a strategy of low margins on the capital sale with very high prices for filters and other consumables. This is a disservice to the customer and often results in these manufacturers being removed from the bidders list. Because we buy filters and other consumables in large quantities we are able to maintain adequate profit margins without resorting to custom sizes.
Ease of Operation
Watermakers from H2O are simple to operate with step by step instructions clearly listed on the unit. All systems include onboard membrane cleaning which greatly increases membrane life.



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